August 9, 2012

one of the many wonders of the world (ahem i mean Pocatello, ID)


  1. The building is also a completely green building from what I have heard. It has taken many years for it to finally come together too.

  2. Have you ever actually gone in the cleaning museum? Don Aslett HIMSELF gave us a tour because, I mean, obviously I was DYING to tour the place (there are even BILLBOARDS for the place on I-15 in Utah when heading north), and he showed us inside the clock tower, which he told us will make a FLUSHING SOUND on the hour instead of a bell chiming. So, yes. More power to you, Mr. Aslett.

  3. So this is a small world..... Found your blog through another girls blog and so I started reading some of your posts..... You're in poky. Haha so am I! :) I grew up here though.....weird! Anyway, LOVE your blog layout. Very cute.


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