May 31, 2012

learning to embrace change

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  1. I can so relate to this! In middle school I met my best {girl} friend ever and starting "dating" my now hubby. His family decided to move about 5 hours away out of state right before our junior year in highschool so we were apart for 2 years! It was good in a lot of ways to help us grow as individuals, but it was also good he moved back right away, because I don't know that it would have been a good idea for us to be apart much longer than that!

    Then a few months after we got married {2 years after graduating} my best friend told me she was moving to be close to her bf {now hubby} because she knew that was the only way to make it work. I cried. But like you said she's the type of friend I can go for months without seeing and when we do get together it's like nothing changed. And of course most of my other highschool friends I don't really see anymore - but the true ones are always there no matter what! :)


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