April 18, 2012

the power of words


  1. beautiful beautiful girl. your amazing heart has touched me today. thanks for standing up for truth. i love that quote/photo at the top of this post. so sad, yet true that this literally happens around us everyday.

    you are beautiful and should know it.


  2. this is such an amazing post. sending my mom a link right now...everyone needs to read this. thank you for sharing sweet girl.

  3. This is sooo heartbreaking. I think about this whenever I hear stories on the news about another mom who lost it and killed her kids or like you said see parents at the store screaming at a teary-eyed little child. What I would do to just scoop them all up and take them home. I would take all of them if it were possible lol. Unbelievable.

  4. I am in love with your blog. We even share the same name and spell it the same! Do people spell it wrong all the time? They do with me...


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