October 10, 2011


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  1. I wish I had great words to make you feel better. I don't have them. Anyone who doesn't dislike change on some level probably hasn't ever had real change in their life. I think one of the most painful things in life is the distance that grows from a friendship that was once so close. I wish I could say things can go back to the way they were, but they can't and honestly I don't think you would really like to go back completely. Think of all that you would have to give up to go back to exactly as it was. You'd miss meeting your Prince Charming. You'd miss the friends you've made here. You'd miss the growing that happened because you moved here. You haven't lost your friend, you're relationship has merely grown into something more. You've discovered your independence and that is something to cherish. It's okay to miss the past my dear, as long as you don't try to live in it. The present is glorious and shouldn't be missed.

    Just FYI, you're awesome and amazing and I'm glad you did accept change so I could have the chance to know you.


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